Create family traditions that support your child's creativity

Create family traditions that support your child's creativity

Christmas is the perfect excuse to get crafty. You don't have to be a professional artist to teach children the basics of creative expression. If you want a fun activity for the kids this holiday season, that will also help foster their creativity and give them the opportunity to express themselves through art, then making some homemade Christmas-themed decorations could be an excellent choice. Let them explore their imagination and maybe get involved yourself! The important thing is to have fun together.

So, to help you to get crafty this winter with the kids, we have put together some ideas about what you can do to keep the kids busy and get their creative juices flowing. We will also show you how they can benefit from different and simple activities; like writing a letter to create traditions, stimulating their fine motor skills and building their self esteem to grow as confident kids

Read through and discover how you can help your kids esteem, self-expression, concentration and confidence.

When was the last time you wrote a letter?

Communication today is instantaneous. We write emails, send chat requests on social media, and send GIFs and emojis via text messages. We know how people feel, where they are, and what they are doing just by looking on social media. Party invitations, wedding announcements, and other celebrations are now shared via text message or online communications. 

With new technologies, communication is becoming bite-sized and immediate. We are losing the art of thoughtfully exchanging ideas with others. We are becoming less human and engaging less personally. 

When was the last time you sat down with a pen and paper and wrote a letter to send by post? For many of us, the idea of visiting the post office or using an envelope and stamp is an awkward experience. Why write a letter if you can FaceTime or Direct Message? The idea of writing a physical letter might be an archaic concept, but it’s a skill worth cultivating in our children. Letter writing is a great way to improve writing and communication skills

This season encourages your kids to write their own Christmas cards, use their imagination to create beautiful cards with real meaning. You can explore a wide variety of materials, like paper, stickers, tape and wooden decorations that will activate their sensorial skills.  

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Encouraging children to write letters from an early age will improve their communication, social and handwriting skills, and teach them what they need to know about writing and structuring letters. 

By the kids creating their Christmas cards for family and friends they will not only feel proud of themselves, but they are going to make something truly homemade that will be cherished by the recipient. And you will give to your little one a tradition that they never will forget!

DIY activities DO NOT just help in improving fine motor skills

By letting your kids embrace DIY projects you are giving them the opportunity to develop bilateral coordination and fine motor skills. For instance, cutting something with scissors, wrapping, tying, sticking and twisting are all the types of tasks that help to improve dexterity.

So, during this Christmas season, brighten up your home with homemade decoration. What about a Christmas Wreath? You can display it  on your door and the kids will feel so proud of their creation each time they enter the house. If want you to make one we have you covered, check our Christmas Wreath and order yours now. 


6 kids benefits from art and craft

1. Self-Expression and Managing Feelings

Using art as a method of self-expression can help children develop a healthy approach to managing feelings as they grow up. They can express their inner thoughts and feelings through their artwork. Art is a great way for children to reflect and manage their emotions. The process of turning a thought into a tangible piece of art is a brilliant way of allowing them to manage their internal thoughts and feelings, moulding the art into something real that they can touch and see. 

2. Improves Confidence and Self-Esteem

Being able to channel thoughts and feelings into their artwork will help them feel more confident in communicating how they are feeling. Not only is it an activity that all can enjoy, it also serves to strengthen their skills and make them happier human beings.  Art involves peer assessment and feedback. Receiving positive or constructive feedback can boost self-esteem and allow children to recognise their own strengths and accomplishments. Creating pieces of art that they can display around the house will help the children to grow in confidence. Improving their techniques and recognising how art makes them feel all contribute to their sense of self-worth. 

3. Concentration

Concentration is a skill that you have to cultivate and it develops slowly. Remaining committed to a task and hands on in a project and not letting their minds wander can be very challenging for some children. However, with an end goal in mind and the motivation to succeed, budding young artists will focus on their artistic vision. Practising focus and concentration will benefit them in all areas of life.

4. Organisational Skills

Organisational skills can be developed through arts and crafts. By making sure they have the equipment they need close by, a good workspace and getting timings right can contribute hugely to the success of an art project. Being organised is, of course, a fantastic quality to have and can make everyday life that tiny bit easier.

5. Planning 

Art and crafts allow kids to have an end goal in mind before beginning a project. They will need to think about materials and equipment they may need. For an artistic vision to be executed successfully, it is a good idea for children to think ahead and consider how they will achieve the end goal. Planning, and having a vision, is an important life skill which goes hand in hand with other key skills like organisation.

6. Patience

We all know that kids are not very patient. It is challenging for a kid to focus on a project and finish their vision. It can be tempting to rush a project to get it completed quicker or to give up completely if it is taking longer than planned. But once their artwork is completed, children will feel a huge sense of accomplishment and will learn that hard work and dedication is very much rewarded. With time, children’s levels of patience will increase and they will realise good things take time!

Ideas to decorate the house this Christmas

Whether you're into crafting, sewing, or just want a new Christmas tree-topper, we bring you here simple videos to help you do some stars to decorate the house, we are sure you will be hooked from start to finish.

The best and easy DIY Christmas home decoration ideas to bring the Christmas spirit into your home

Paper Stars

paper start the arty fox ireland

What do you need?

  • Paper in different colours, 
  • Scissors 
  • String
  • Staple or tape

We must have to confess we had watched a video 20 times to learn this technique! Once you've cracked it, it's easy!! 

Check the step by step video here.

If you have little ones at home today, older children will love this! Use some string to hang them up around your home to make it even more festive. 

For this decoration we used some brown wrapping paper. They look gorgeous  in white too! Just cut your length twice as long as the width. I used a stapler to attach each side, but you could also use tape.

Check the step by step video here 

Keep in mind

All these activities will benefit your children in many ways. It will help them develop their creativity and enhance their imagination. It will allow them to think and be more independent. It will also give them the chance to take a more active part in Christmas. Last but not least, you will get the privilege to watch them experience happiness in every step!

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We  hope you found this articles to be helpful, insightful and inspiring. If you have any further questions we would love to take some of them in the comments section below.

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